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ASP Code of Professional Conduct

As a condition of membership in the Association of Software Professionals, each member is required to adhere to the following Code of Professional Conduct:



I will conduct myself and my business to the highest ethical standards. I will comply with my existing local, state and national laws, relevant to the operation of my business.


I will clearly describe the products and/or services that I offer, and refrain from making unsupported claims.


I will conduct Association business with honesty and integrity. I will hold inviolate any confidential information entrusted to me as an Officer, representative or member of the Association (including, but not limited to, any posts in the members only newsgroups, the membership database, members’ private contact information, and the content of the members only web site). I will not use the ASP membership database, in whole or in part, for direct marketing purposes without express permission from the ASP Board of Directors.

I will keep the ASP apprised of changes in postal mailing address and email address, to facilitate official correspondence between the Association and myself.

I recognize that the ASP strongly supports intellectual property rights, but is not equipped to be an arbiter of disputes between authors/developers. I will report any criminal conviction, or civil judgment against me in regard to an intellectual property dispute to the ASP’s Board of Directors, who may (but shall not be required to) decide if a membership qualification issue exists. The bylaws of this Association provide that the Board of Directors has the exclusive right to dismiss a member.

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